The Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT) is a level BAC+2 professional academic training program.

In order to pursue a DUT, you must have passed the baccalauréat or an equivalent level IV training program, have a degree allowing access to university studies, or have earned credits for your professional experience or acquired knowledge. 

It is a two year training program (four semesters) with specialized instruction. It is accompanied by a work placement/internship in a company.

The IUT de Cachan offers two DUTs:

 DUT Génie électrique informatique industrielle (Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering)

DUT Génie mécanique et productique (Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing) 

  • through initial training
  • by VAE




After the DUT, students are able to   

  • enter directly into the workforce,
  • pursue further short term study programs (licences profesionnelles) and then enter the workforce,

pursue longer studies: in a university (licences générales [bachelor degree], masters, doctorates …), or an engineering school (public or private, by concours [competitive entry exam] or by qualifications).  


The DUT's place in the Licence-Master-Doctorat system.