Students Projects


During their two years at the IUT, students will have to participate in small group projects (of three or four students) with technical and cultural themes.

Project work allows them to:

show their analytical and organizational skills,·
broaden their general knowledge,·
apply their technical skills in the domains of mechanical conception and manufacture, industrial management, etc...,·
learn time management,·
to work independently.·

Students are supervised by an academic advisor who provides guidance and advice in their individual work.

Each project requires a written thesis and a thesis defense in front of a jury. Students must show their written and oral communication skills.

Subjects are usually suggested by professors. Students may suggest their own topics, but they must be approved by their academic advisors.

Occasionally a company or a research institution will submit a subject to a supervising professor in the department.

In the second year, projects span both semesters. They can be about any GMP subject and are often done in partnership with a company or a research institution:

- Light aircraft: HM360 Flying Flea, construction of single seater wings

- Creating a ventilator for young mice with respiration problems; done with the collaboration of the Robert Debré hospital

- Completion of an industrial maintenance game which was distributed to other IUTs in France

- Study of a seat headreast, done with l’Ecole Supérieure d’Ostéopathie et de Biomécanique

- Participation in the French Robotics Cup (Coupe de France de robotique (ex « E= M6 »))

These projects initiate students in methods and practices they will encounter in the work place.