Work Placement


The in company work placement, which spans a minimum of ten weeks, is an important step in obtaining the DUT.
For many students, it is their first experience in an industrial environment.

Students must take it upon themselves to formulate their professional project, to find a company, to take the necessary steps with the support of their resumes and cover letters, to negotiate a subject and to bring their assignment to term.

The first phase requires students to engage in personal reflection, assessing their skills, in order to determine what type of profession and therefore what type of company the student should pursue.

Having to approach a company provides real world training in job hunting. Negotiating the work placement assignment is done with the help of a professor.

The work placement itself is supervised by an academic supervisor and a training supervisor from the company. Both figures help in seeing that the project is completed, in putting together the report and in preparing the final defense.

Finally, we assess the student’s capacity to assimilate to an industrial environment, their ability to successfully complete a project and then to transmit the results.

Work placements take place in a variety of domains and geographic locations : in Ile de France, in Province and even abroad (which we strongly encourage).

Here are some examples of recent work placements in France and abroad:

- DUT work placement with Renault Revoz d. d. (in quality of service) in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Following the launch of the new Twingo, this work placement consisted in inspecting and monitoring the assembly line. Each step was checked and then a quality control procedure was put into effect.

- DUT work placement at Fischer Connectors in Apples, Switzerland: this work placement consisted of the complete conception and development of an automated assembly that produced contact block sub-assembly, of creating a work station complete with CNC control software, and of writing a complete pamphlet on its use and maintenance.

- DUT work placement at CTM (Compagnie Tunisienne de Meubles) in M’Saken, Tunisia. This was an industrial management work placement which consisted in reorganizing and reestablishing the company’s production departments in order to improve productivity.

- Professional bachelor’s degree work placement in industrial management at Mostostal in Kielce, Poland. Following an increase in the company’s business activity, this work placement consisted in assisting the production manager in his daily work and other various tasks.

These experiences can be an important part of building one’s resume and can help lead to many career opportunities.

Many work placements result in job offers, work placement extensions in the form of a CDD (short term contract [contrat de durée déterminée]), or training positions in conjunction with a professional bachelor’s degree program or an engineering school.