Who are we?
The IFIPS is the Institute for Engineering Education at the University of Paris-Sud.

Public School, IFIPS offers three courses all three leading to a degree recognized by the Commission on Engineering Title:

A cluster formation in "traditional", starting just after the pan, or at bac +2
A field training by learning
A cluster of Continuing Education


What are the specifics?
Our main characteristic is to be incorporated into a prestigious university (second french institution of higher education according to the ranking of Shanghai), at the forefront of global research in many scientific and technological fields. Thus:

Students of IFIPS are very early in touch with what is being done to improve the scientific level, for example by receiving technical installations sophisticated laboratories of the University
Teachers from the IFIPS are vast majority of professors, one of whose functions is the production of knowledge.
The IFIPS benefit from the international reputation of the University, which has enabled him to establish numerous formal and informal partnerships throughout the world. For example, students at the IFIPS are particularly encouraged and helped to give training on an international dimension
Finally, while remaining a human scale, the headquarters of the IFIPS is located on a large (but very nice) campus facilitating the daily lives of his students: university, university libraries, university restaurants, many sporting and cultural associations, and so on.
The IFIPS lies at the heart of a major technology hub comprising many research centers public or private (CEA, research centers Thales, Danone, Renault, Alcatel, Ecole Polytechnique, synchrotron Soleil,… etc.)

  For more information contact: http://www.polytech.u-psud.fr/fr/index.html