Professional Bachelor Degrees

Professional Bachelor Degrees


Obtaining the Professional Bachelor Degree:
Evaluation takes place over the course of the program. There are no makeup sessions.
Degrees are awarded if the cumulative GPA of the UEs attempted is greater than or equal to 10/20 and if the cumulative GPA of the Synthesis activities is greater than or equal to  10/20. Each UE is worth a certain number of ECTS credits which the student earns upon receiving a mark greater than or equal to 10/20. Students can earn up to 60 ECTS credits in the Professional Bachelor Degree Program.


Who can enroll?
Candidates must have obtained one of the following:

  • BTS: with pertinent specialization and concentration (Productics, CPI, MAI, CRC, Microtechniques, Electronics and electricity...)
  • DUT: GMP and having specialized in GEII
  • Students who have already completed a two year bachelor degree program (having obtained 120 ECTS credits) in either Sciences and Technologies or in Science and Engineering
  • Students who have met the necessary criteria to qualify for Validation des Acquis Académiques.

    Candidates may enroll as a continuing education candidate if they have a salaried position and have obtained a DUT, a BTS or an equivalent degree and have shown sufficient professional experience.

University Cycle: Mid-September to June
The program is made up of 24 full time weeks of course work and project development at the IUT. This is followed by a 12 week industrial work placement.
The Professional Bachelor Degree is obtained in July and the candidate has student status.

Work Based Learning Cycle with alternating classroom/in-company time: Mid-September to Mid-September
The candidate must obtain a contract (for minimum 1 year) with a company. He/She is employed and paid 53% of the collective agreement or of minimum wage (41% if younger than 21) by the company (age limit: 26 years old at the beginning of the contract). The company is committed to ensuring a practical training program directed by a training supervisor, and to allowing the candidate to attend his/her courses at the IUT.
The training program takes place in two periods. The first one is 14 weeks of alternating classroom and in-company time. In the company, this time is devoted to the acquisition of complementary skills necessary to work on a specific project. During the second period, the student works full time in the company except for 2 weeks of  academic defense and supplementary coursework. Diplomas are awarded in September. The candidate is considered “salaried”.

Continuing Education:
Available to salaried people who have a DUT, a BTS or an equivalent degree if they can prove sufficient professional experience (evaluated by the Commission of Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience of the Université de Paris Sud 11 according to the rules in effect). If awarded the VAE in order to take up studies again (law of 1985), the admission panel can decide to exempt the candidate from certain courses.
Details of the V.A.E. are based on the law of 1985 (validation for taking up studies again) or according to the decree of 2002.

How To Enroll
Applications are available in the office of the secretary.
Applications must be returned before the end of April for the first preselection jury.
Preselection is followed by an interview.
Preselection of an application and interview: May-June
Finding a contract: June-July
Beginning of the training program: Mid-September

Applying for Work Based Learning Program
The applicant must find a contract with a company themselves.
Applicants are recommended to submit their applications in the beginning of May. After the interview, admission is offered contingent upon the applicant’s obtaining a BTS or DUT and upon his or her obtaining a work contract. The month of June must be devoted to finding a company.
When possible, we send applicants’ CVs to certain industrial partners who may offer a work contract.

Who to Contact
Department Head: Pierre-André GOUGE