Specialized in Development and Industrial Engineering


Professional Bachelor Degree in Commercial Production


The general objective of this specialization is to teach technicians, through the mastery of current production and design tools and methods, to be able to participate actively in the development of industrial products. Candidates who undergo this training are able to work in small independent groups as well as take on roles as the technical interface within large industrial services.

This specialization completes the skill base formed during a BAC+2 program in design and mechanical production and allows candidates to master C.F.A.O. (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing [Conception & Fabrication Assistée par Ordinateur]) tools, meanwhile fine-tuning their methods.

It also allows them to progressively take on increasing amounts of responsibility within companies and learn to manage small group projects.

This main objective can be broken down into specific operational objectives depending on the chosen concentration:
Computer Aided Design-Development (Conception Assistée par Ordinateur - Dévelop­pement) (C.A.O. Dev.): Optimize the use of C.A.D. through development of computer applications.
New Product Production (Industrialisation de Nouveaux Produits) (I.N.P.): Design mechanisms using C.A.D., ensure the geometric quality of those products, development or follow-up of production launches.
Tool Design and Manufacture (Conception & Réalisation d’Outillages) (C.R.O.): Design (CAO) and Manufacture (CFAO) of tools from producing the materials, digital simulation and the actual forming of the tools: drawing, working in the foundry, forging, plastic injection molding...
- Vehicle Body Design (Concepteur-Géomètre en Carrosserie (C.G.C.): Design and manufacture metal sheets used to construct all kinds of vehicle bodies, and then assemble them.

Enrollment: Admission based on application (download at www.iut-idf.org), and interview.

Possible Applicants: Candidates must have obtained a D.U.T. or a B.T.S. Examples are: DUT in mechanical engineering and productics, BTS CPI (engineering and design department), CIM (Microtechnics), IPM (Industrialization of Mechanical Products), MAI (Industrial Mechanics & Automatism), L2 Science with technological experience.
Selected options include Tool Design and Manufacture [Conception & Réalisation d’Outillage] (C.R.O.) and Vehicle Body Designer/Surveyor [Concepteur-Géomètre en Carrosserie] (C.G.C.). BTS candidates should have followed BTS ERO (Tool Study and Manufacture [Etude & Réalisation d’Outillages]) or BTS CRC (Vehicle Body Design and Manufacture [Conception & Réalisation de Carrosseries]) paths.

Status: This specialization is best pursued in a work-based learning program. It is completed as such: the first 28 weeks are done in with alternating classroom and in company time (4 weeks in classroom / 4 weeks in company), then 24 weeks of full time work in company.

Career Paths:

- Chief Draughtsman in a design and engineering department
- Project Director
- Technical Sales Representative Engineer
- High Level Technician
- Metrologist & Quality Specialist (I.N.P.)
- Head of Material Processing (C.R.O.)
- CAD Application Designer (C.A.O. Dev.)
- Vehicle Body Designer and Builder (C.G.C.)