Boat GEii



 The IUT GEII of France will "connect" on EDF Energies Nouvelles

On 3 November, when the boat EDF Energies Nouvelles leave the port of Le Havre in the direction of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), the two skippers will not only embark on a sailboat racing 13 meters engaged in the Transat Jacques Doubles Vabre. More than 10000 students from 54 departments Electrical and Computer Engineering Industrial IUT de France will be involved with all their teachers to this race off, the scene of the most beautiful flame wars sailors among the most experienced in the world.

  Their boat is between an experienced

To advance a sailing vessel, it takes the wind. David Augeix, skipper of the vessel, is a specialist. Director of the wind activity of EDF Energies Nouvelles to the south of France, they have the willingness to enter into the Bay of All Saints (Brazil) as soon as possible.

Nicolas Marchand, co, a former student in the department of the IUT GEII Nîmes is a specialist of the sailing. It is installed on the Cote d'Azur as a broker specializing in buying, selling and management of yachts and racing boats.

This is more than a symbol; academia of IUT and business, which share the same values of boldness and innovation will live by their two representatives for more than a month.

  The two sailors are familiar for having played the Mini in 2005, transatlantic race solo rallying La Rochelle in Salvador de Bahia, on their car survitaminé of 6.50 meters. Even profile, the same age, David and Nicolas are keen to point out once again an ambitious challenge, far beyond the competition itself. The human adventure is a unique opportunity to combine a business that works in renewable energy and the teaching of these subjects in the departments of GEII IUT of France.

Supported by a team of experienced communication, all students, teachers, partners and the general public can follow the race on a daily basis through the website of electrical engineering departments The communications team will be in contact with the boat for you recount life on board and put online interviews with skippers. In addition, a map will track the evolution of the vessel and its placement relative to the fleet. Each visitor will be able to subscribe to a newsletter to benefit from the latest information and to leave messages to be returned to skippers.