Established in 1966, following the Decree of 7 January 1966 establishing the University Institutes of Technology, Polytechnic Cachan has always kept an essential characteristic: it offers industrial specialties around the Electrical and Computer Engineering Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanics . 


Remaining faithful to this choice, IUT de Cachan has adapted to changing technology and business demands. The current list of specialties at the IUT shows:

electronic, electrical, telecommunications, industrial, mechatronics, automatic and automation, robotics, engineering, production, CAD, CAM and CAD.

The ITU has also adapted its curriculum and teaching methods at the request of the concerned public. It now offers training course full time, with a final stage (student status) or learning (apprentice status), open learning distance education continues throughout life with validation of experience and alternatives to the situation of trainees.

The diplomas prepared for the IUT are in the scheme European Master Degree Doctorate (LMD) Universities, or at L: OTC (bac +2) and Professional License (bac +3) or at M: Diploma Engineer in partnership prepared by learning under the Ingeneer (network engineer from the UPS11).

To meet the tasks assigned to it, ITU is structured in 3 departments of education with educational multidisciplinary teams:

Electrical Engineering & Industrial 1

Electrical Engineering & Industrial 2

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing

These departments are supported by a set of common services.



In total is more than 160 holders of Education full time in the service of the success of some 1100 students and trainees who attend each year, IUT de Cachan.

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