About the IUT



As of January 1, 2008:

- 701 students registered to complete a DUT in Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering or in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing;
- 215 students registered in one of four Professional Bachelor Degree programs offered by the IUT;
- 203 of those registered have a contract in a sandwich course/work and study program.

86 participants are registered in the continuing education program. They are working on either a DUT, a Professional Bachelor Degree or a University Degree.

Faculty and Staff

As of  January 1, 2008 the tenured faculty of the IUT is comprised of:
- 100 Professors and Researchers
- 56 Administrative Officers managing technical duties, administration, social services and the library.

20 temporary staff members 120 occasional personnel participate in the workings of the IUT this year.


The 16,859 m2 building is almost completely devoted to teaching.

The IUT’s annual budget is approximately 3.650 million euros (excluding salaries of tenured professors).
50% of this budget comes from various forms of company subsidies.